The Power Is In Your List


The Power Is In Your List

You may have heard the power is in your list.  You may be wondering exactly what is the “list”.   If you are growing your business online or off line you should definitely be building your list at all times.


The list is a group of people that are attracted to you, your business opportunity, products or services that you offer.  You may use a survey or a capture page to gather the following information: name, email address and telephone number.   The information that is collected through the surveys and capture pages creates your list.


The Power Is In Your List… Why Is The List So Important?


The list is so important because it will become one of the main ways that you sell your products and sponsor new team members in your organization.  It will become one your best way to make money online –period.


Write this down, in order for you to earn cash with your list you must give incredible value back to them.  The power is in your list, but you must take care of them by helping them solve their problems.  Become a problem solver so that you can become the solution to their problems.


The Power Is In Your List | How To Create Your List?


There are many ways to create your list, but let us just focus on how to create free traffic to build your list.  The best way to create free traffic is to use a system that has survived the test of time.  That one system is blogging.  Here you will find the unique blogging platform that I use to generate 25 – 50 leads every single day to build my list.


The Power Is In Your List | Blogging


When you blog you can create an Internet following of people that you have built an online relationship with.  You then promote a solution to a problem that face many online users today with out giving away the answer.  In order for them to get the answer they have to fill out information with their name, email address and phone number (optional) to receive the solution. By capturing their information, now you are building your list.


The Power Is In Your List  | Take Care Of Your List


The bigger your list the better, it will lead to more sales and reps in your business.  The power is in your list but you will have to take care of it by sharing things that you learned to build your business.  By doing this you build trust so when you share a product or service that is something that you would use yourself and of great value they will buy and join your team.  Remember this, give value to your list and your list will help you achieve your goals.  If you do this you will see the power is in your list.


The Power Is In Your List Tool Box | Let Us Keep This Simple

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If you are reading this article then you must be interested in finding out about what BodHD is all about.  Or you are looking to become a distributor and wanted to find out more information about the company and its compensation plan.  You have come to the right place.   I just want to let you know that I am in no way affiliated nor am I a distributor for BodHD.  So I can assure you this review will be an unbiased third party review.


BodHD The Company


The founders of BodHD are Sean Loomer, Tylene Roderigues, Ray Grimm Jr., and his wife Daran Grimm.  These four founders have an impressive history with building up companies. You can find out more about the founders on their official company website.


BodHD launched back in March of 2011 and the main office is located in Southern California.  BodHD is a game changing health and nutrition, company.  BodHD is tapping into the fastest growing trends in the nutrition industry to create the ultimate nutritional breakthrough, which is High Definition Body Nutrition.


BodHD uses whole food, plant and enzyme-based professional formulations; the most scientifically advanced all-natural problem solvers ever developed.


BodHD The Products


BodHD has about eight products on the market to date.  They have two weight loss programs, which are SuperFX and QuickfX.  SuperFX weight loss program includes four other products to help with weight loss, which are Fusion, Fix, BLD, and Daily.  The other two products are P3, which helps with muscle pain and Radiant, which helps with skin and nails.  The overall product line is well balanced.


BodHD Compensation Plan


When you first sign up as free or paid member you will get placed in BodHD’s Straightline pay plan.  On the straightline pay plan, you will get paid on every person under you whether you referred him or her or not.  But first, you have to get qualified.


BodHD also pays you in five different ways, which are Retail Profits, Fast Start Bonuses, UniLevel Bonuses, Double Income Opportunities, and finally a 18% Global Revenue Sharing Pool.  So you can get paid a weekly or monthly income depending on you.


BodHD Business Opportunity


BodHD seems to be a good business opportunity.  With that said, keep in mind with any business opportunity you may be looking to get into you must first do your research on the company to make sure it will be the right fit for you.

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Compare Nook and Kindle


Compare Nook And Kindle

If you were like me wondering what is all the hype about the differences between the new E-readers then let us compare Nook and Kindle.  I wanted to go over some of the features and facts about both E-readers to see which one best suit your needs.


Both E-readers are great products to add to electronic collection, but if you have to compare the Nook and Kindle you should know all the facts about both before you make a decision.

Compare Nook And Kindle… The Product


One of the first things to consider when you compare Nook and Kindle is how you will be using the device.  Once you decide on how you will be using the product and what you will be using it for you can decide which is best for you.  Both E-readers have some similarities such as the color touch screen and their sizes.  But they do have different variations in both brands.


Compare Nook And Kindle


When looking at downloadable material, whom is the winner you may ask?  When it comes down to that I would say they are just about equal in that category.  The Nook has about 2.5 million downloadable material and the Kindle comes in around 2 million but they do have different choices of downloads.


Now let us compare Nook and Kindle storage capabilities.  For most avid readers storage is major concern in their decision-making.  Both Kindle and Nook have different versions of their E-readers that vary in storage capabilities.  So make sure you look at the detail when making your choice.


The #1 Reason To Compare Nook And Kindle


When you compare Nook and Kindle price points the winner is Kindle which comes in around $20 – $40 cheaper depending on what model you choose and where you buy.   When given a choice to rather buy online or offline, take into consideration that most retail stores choose to jack up their prices as well as try to up sale you to something that you do not need.


To be savvy buyer when you compare Nook and Kindle you should go online to shop for the best deals and look over other consumers reviews about the products.  This will help you make an educated decision about the different products.


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Varolo Scam... Is It True?


Varolo Scam

If you happen to make it to this post you might have heard some information about a Varolo scam going on.  You may be searching for information about the products or searching for another source of income.  You may be trying to find out if the Varolo scam allegations are true or not.  If it is about the services, income opportunity or Varolo scam rumors this is where you can get an unbiased third party review of the company Varolo.  I want to let you know that I have no ties or affiliations with the company Varolo so you can be sure you are getting an honest opinion.


Varolo Scam… Is This Business A Scam


Let us start by looking into the Varolo scam allegations. Varolo does have an actual location that is located in the state of Utah.  The company has a business model that is built on advertisers paying them to show their ads.  The company invites people to look at their advertisements that are based on the customer or representative choices from filling out a questionnaire.  The advertisements that are displayed to the person will be targeted to the person interest.


Looking Into The Varolo Scam Allegation Even Deeper


There have been other rumors that the Varolo scam will rip you off.  Just to let you know if you want to join the company you can do it for free.  Yes …it is free to join so there in no Varolo scam there.


Is it when you join the Varolo scam will take hold of your wallet or purse?  Or is the Varolo scam a way to get your information and spread it all over the Internet.  Let me answer both question with a strong no!  I have heard from people who have been with the company for months and have had no problems with the Varolo at all.


Varolo Scam… Can You Get Compensated From Varolo


Yes you can.  To keep it simple you get paid from watching ads.  The marketing plan in based on you sponsoring 12 who get 12 model, which can make you over 3,000 per month.


Varolo is company with a unique niche in the marketplace and you can make money with the company.  However, one of the most important things that you will need in your business is a system that will generate you leads and customers for your business.  With your Attraction Marketing System in place bringing in leads and customers every day for your business you can definitely be successful in your Varolo business.


Does Your Sponsor Have A System That Generates Leads Every Day For Your Business?


If Not …Check Out The Varolo Scam Buster = An Attraction Marketing System That Will Generate 20 -50 Leads Every Single Day For Your Business.


So in closing, I want to reiterate there in no Varolo scam just a Varolo business.

Product Review


Product Review

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